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Gateway Pharmaceutical

Gateway Pharmaceutical is a specialty drug-delivery company focusing on reformulation of traditional antibiotics for target delivery of drug to bacteria location.

Our Team has an average of more than

15 years of pharmaceutical industrial experience in formulation and process development, analytical testing, scale-up manufacturing, pharmacokinetic and clinical studies, and regulatory submission. 

Our Mission

Innovating site-specific delivery of antibiotics to combat antibiotic resistance threats to the United States and the World.


BioSTL Award in 2018 Venture Showcase

September, 2020  We received the NIH NIAID Pre-Clinical Service Award on GMP manufacturing of Metronidazole Delayed-Release Capsules for treating Clostridium difficile infection.


March, 2020  Our key colon-delivery patent  10,588,864 received approval from the US PTO. 

August, 2018 – We received the NIH SBIR Phase I grant on Metronidazole Colon-Delivery for treating Clostridium difficile Infection. 

November, 2018  Gateway won the BioSTL Award on the 10th Startup Connection Venture Showcase in St. Louis. 

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